buying a stand up paddleboard

4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

inflatable stand up paddle boards are fun

As most of us who may be considering buying a stand up paddle board understand, having access to a body of water where we can enjoy basic water sports is essential.  We also know that we benefit in all ways—mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, when we do any type of water in exercise and are out in nature enjoying ourselves.

Stand up paddle boarding has exploded in popularity for a number of reasons. 

  • It’s fun, and people of all ages can enjoy it and enjoy it together It can even be enjoyed with your pet
  • Stand up paddle boarding represents a chance to be outdoors, with the sun shining down, feeding our bodies and spirits with nutrients we don’t get while in front of computer screen.
  • It is far less expensive than other water sports like waterskiing, or paragliding, or boating.
  • It doesn’t take much expertise—learning to surf is many times more difficult than learning how to paddleboard, and not all levels of people can do it.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can Be Done Alone or With Friends and Family

Paddle boarding can be done alone or in small or large groups, making it a very special water-sport. There are few water sports in which family at all levels and friends or groups of friends, can get together to have a fun and affordable time.  Children can do it easily, with supervision and under safe conditions, and groups of friends and family can, each with an inflatable paddle board, have a great time together. 

There is no worry about everyone storing their surfboards atop the car, or needing to rent a trailer for jetskis; when inflatable paddle boards like the high-quality paddle boards offered by JSP America are deflated, many can be stored in the rear or trunk of a car.

A Stand Up Paddle board is an Amazing Way to Lose Weight and Improve Health and Strength

We live in times in which many of us sit all day at our jobs.  Others do jobs with repetitive motions that use very few of our muscles, and rarely employ our core and abdomen, the center of our strength and stability.  When we are motivated, we do yoga, strengthening work, and exercise in our home or at the gym. 

But imagine being out on a crystal clear lake, surrounded by gorgeous trees and an open sky, paddling at your own pace, smiling, laughing with friends, or just observing the beauty of the natural environment. 

The paddle board may move without your help, but more often, we find a wonderful groove and rhythm that comes when using the breath and the arms and body to paddle, even lightly, and glide atop the water. 

Every motion, every action taken upon a paddle board requires some use of muscles that we don’t employ routinely.  Paddle boarding is a fast track to losing weight and improving your overall health.  When you return to that computer job, you are more productive and may find you enjoy it more than you thought—all the result of the health benefits of your time out on the paddle board.

An Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board  is Affordable and Easy to Store

These are not easy economic times, and a high quality inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is relatively inexpensive when compared to almost any other water sport. While some paddle boards are priced as high as $1500, the JSP paddle board is less than $250 and offers a quality guaranteed.  It can be used over and over again, so the “ROI” (return on investment) just grows over time.

One should also consider, there is no price of admission to get on a public lake, on an ocean which isn’t choppy or wavy-- no fees to be on a paddle board in a swimming pool (yours or someone else’s). 

You may be charged parking, but a single day of snow skiing costs, or water-skiing costs, and the affordability of the stand up paddle boarding becomes obvious.

Stand up Paddle Boarding is a great way to enjoy nature

Among the greatest pleasures of Stand up paddle boarding is gliding along the top of the water enjoying the beauty of nature all around us.  Each moment is an opportunity to let go of stress and commune with the beauty offered by trees, water, earth, sky, and birds. 

Once off the board, many choose to have a picnic or a wonderful meal, and later get back in the water.  Time in nature is shown to positively impact health, mental well being, and sleep, as well as help with curing bad habits and freeing oneself from constant habitual thinking.  Enjoying nature is one of the gifts of life, and Stand up paddle boarding can be the vehicle for this gift.

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