What are the Major Benefits of Adding a Rain Guard or Window Deflector to My Car?

What are the Major Benefits of Adding a Rain Guard or Window Deflector to My Car?

When added to your vehicle, rain guards / window deflectors offer a number of obvious (and some not-so-obvious) benefits.  Their benefits include:

  • Decreasing the Noise from Wind

The aerodynamics of vehicles can lead to wind nose while you drive.  At high velocities, you may even experience noise from the impact of wind on funky windows or windows which are misaligned or don’t close well.  You may hear windows rattling or feel or hear wind whistling through an open hole atop the window.

Using a rain guard offers an aerodynamically-engineered way to reduce wind noise, as wind is routed alongside the exterior of your vehicle as you drive by the sleek styling of the rain guard. 

  •  Helping to Keep You Cool During Hot Summer Months

When it is very hot outside, a window deflector like the JSP Rain guard will provide a shade ledge for you and reduce direct sunlight on you and the car interior.  This can provide a cooling effect for you as you drive while it is boiling outside. 

  • Permitting You to Drive in the Rain with a Partially Open Window and Still Stay Dry

Finally, in rainy weather, true to the name “rain guard”, you can drive in the rain with the window slightly open and still stay dry.  The rain guard is designed to keep falling rain from entering your car.  Most of us have had the experience of trying to open a car window that had no rain guard on it while rain was falling outside.

What happened to all of us?  We got wet, as water entered through even the smallest crack in the window.  So we had to roll up our window.   A rain guard is the single best tool in the toolbox to help protect you from wet clothes and a wet seat or car door interior while driving in the rain with the window open.

Rain Guards / Window Protectors are Very Easy to Install

One of the great features of high-quality window rain guards is that you can install the rain guard yourself. To get easy installation instructions, check out the installation video. 

Each rain guard also comes shipped with written instructions.  In short, they are mounted over your windows using very durable, long lasting 3M adhesive tape. To affix, you just clean the application area super well, then peel the rain guard  and stick it to the surface.  Again, the instructions are included.

Rain guards can be considered part of a sound way of maintaining your car and adding to its value.

Top Quality Rain Guards like JSP Rain Guards are durable and built to last

All JSP Rain Guards are made of a high-grade acrylic material, which means they maintain their functionality, their smoke color and are just the right thickness to be strong, yet flexible, for a perfect fit.  JSP rain Guards are heavy duty durable.

Shop our rain guard / window deflector online store or just Google “JSP America Rain Guards” to find us on Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay to shop and compare with other brands.  In addition to making great quality rain-guards, JSP also provides a one Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase with all parts guaranteed.

You can return any part you buy from JSP within 30 days for a refund or exchange.